These individuals have worked hard to achieve their dreams.

"Unfulfilled dreams keep us awake at night, so don’t wait to leap. Find courage to sing your ambitions."


"Familiarity - my greatest of obstacles. I stepped out of my comfort zone to pursue my passions, and haven’t looked back since."


"Think twice before choosing the safer path. Dare to dream, and live it out."


"It’s your life to live, so don’t let anyone else set the terms. Swear it and wear it proud."


Lexie Liu

Lexie started learning dancing and playing the piano at a very young age. As a straight-A student with numerous admission offers from prestigious universities, she opted to take a gap year from school to embark on her music journey. She broke into the South Korean attend talent show circuit and quickly raised her profile, eventually starting her own brand, HOT SAUCE MUSIC, which enabled her to collaborate with established K-pop superstars such as Rain and Yoon Mi-rae (Natasha Shanta Reid).

"Lexie's musical journey now sees her focusing on her own production studio and solo career, with the aim of sharing her music with the young generation."


Qi Xing-hua

A former administrative worker at China's Central Academy of Fine Arts, Qi Xing-hua transformed his career and established himself as one of China's renowned graffiti artists. As a long-standing dream since his early childhood, the burning desire to become a street artist gave him the courage to quit his steady day job to pursue his dreams. He was an official exhibitor for the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo, and is currently the holder of four Guinness world records in the category of 3D-painting.

"Trading the stability of a 9-to-5 office job to become a graffiti artist, Qi Xing-hua's fearlessness and conviction enabled him to take command of his own destiny."


Zhou Yi

Before becoming a tattooist, Zhuo Yi was a primary school art teacher. Noticing that many of her friends weren't happy with the tattoos they had, she decided to pick up the craft as a hobby. Eventually, she fell in love with the art from, claiming that seeing her tattoo work on skin brought her satisfaction and a deep sense of achievement - emotions that greatly surpassed seeing her art work on paper or other mediums. Her love for the craft now sees her operating her very own tattoo studio in Shanghai.

"A former primary school teacher turned tattoo artist, Zhou Yi's dedication to her artistry now sees her operating one of Shanghai's acclaimed tattoo studios."