Let Hailey Bieber Show You How to Dress for a Holiday Occasion

With the festive season approaching, it’s now more important than ever to buy better. By this we mean investment pieces and items that you’ll actually wear time and time again. Pants that work harder than you do, outerwear that you can wear season after season and totally transitional basics that you can wear all-hours without the extra trip home. You know, that magic combo that suits everything from an office work party to afterwork drinks with friends and a concert with your S.O., without so much as a shoe swap in between. Because, let's be real, nothing's more annoying than postponing a spontaneous rooftop rosé date to "go home and change really fast."

So, in an effort to permanently nix that midday wardrobe swap, we teamed up with Hailey Bieber to make outfit planning, for any kind of event, less of a chore. Never not on the move, the model and media personality swears by versatility and is probably lugging around an extra pair of kicks in her bag right now for any last-minute outfit switch-ups. We managed to squeeze ourselves into Hailey's busy schedule—meeting up with her to get a masterclass on all things holiday style. We picked her brain on her ’90s-inspired vibe, her affinity for a killer pair of high-waisted jeans and her foolproof advice on crafting your own authentic style. (Hint: It's a lot easier than you think.) Get the full scoop, just below.

“There’s something very sexy and cool about a woman who’s not afraid to lean into oversized silhouettes.”



One of our favorite things about Hailey’s style is how her ensembles always feel effortlessly pulled together and true to her covetable aesthetic. Since the holidays involve a little extra sartorial refresh (hello, virtual hang parties, nights out and New Year’s Eve), why not pick something that won’t stick out like a sore thumb when you recycle it in February? We’re partial to pairing it with a tonal crop top and loafers for a jazzed-up, tomboy-inspired vibe.

Since the look could err a little monochrome, give it a playful edge and add an eye-catching coat boasting a statement print, unexpected texture and a roomier fit à la Hailey. “There’s something very sexy and cool about a woman who’s not afraid to lean into oversized silhouettes,” she says. Don't feel like you have to stick with color; black and white work just as well. Just top it off with a bucket hat or a ribbed beanie, which are likely already in your arsenal.


Denim is the foundation of some pretty genius outfits, holiday looks included. A pair of high-waisted jeans with a figure-hugging fit have always had a place in the pantheon of wardrobe greats. Whether it’s with a Trucker Jacket, overalls or well-worn jeans, Hailey always manages to make denim an event. “I love the ’70s High because they make me feel sexy, long and elevated. They accentuate my butt and waist. It's such a flattering fit,” Hailey says.

“I love the ’70s High because they make me feel sexy, long and elevated.”



Purchasing pieces that are suitable for both day and night is a sensible investment, especially now that the odd social engagement is back in the cards. And while head-to-toe sequins are generally an evening-wear favorite of the holidays, the denim part of the equation, thankfully, remains appropriate for night-time—anytime, really. Hailey recommends building a look around your favorite jeans and pairing it with a cute top that can carry you “from day-to-night, dusk-to-dawn, sun-to-moon.” If there's one pair of shoes that works for any occasion, it's a pair of sleek black ankle boots. Just add some jewelry and a bold red lip to punctuate the whole thing.

Now that we've got our looks down, all we've gotta do is start making plans. Take a page from Hailey’s book on uncomplicated dressing and shop our new '70s High fits online and in-store. Then, follow us on Instagram and tag @levis_singapore and #LiveInLevis to share your Levi’s® style with the world.