Heyyy. What’s good? On our end, it’s everything for fall 2022. This nostalgia-inspired collection is full of relaxed denim, easy layers and big posi-vibes. Like we said, it’s all good. But check out some of our very favorite goodness below.



Skinny jeans will always have a place in our closets and in our hearts. But sometimes–like right now–it’s better to relax a little. And sure, loosened-up fits are trending, but the real reason we love these next two pairs of jeans isn’t because they’re “cool”. It’s because they’re adaptable, comfortable and look so dang good on everybody


Our vintage-inspired, versatile fit with a looser cut, straight leg and zip fly (hence the Z). The jeans have our distinct “anti-fit” and come with a little more room, for an easier vibe and modern, authentic feel. And they’re specifically designed to work for all generations and all walks of life. (We actually have a whole blog on different ways to style the 551™ Z if you’re curious.) So no matter your look, you’ll look good.

“The 551™ Z really accommodates a lot of different styles,” says Janine Chilton-Faust, vice president of Men’s Design. “You can size it up or down and outfit it to have a lot of personality. But it’s also for someone who maybe doesn’t want to embrace a full-out baggy silhouette, but still wants something a little looser.”


Dad jokes aren’t for everyone. Our Baggy Dad Jeans are. Easy to style and universally flattering, these jeans will work for you, your mama, sister cousin, bestie, you name it.

“The original dad jean trend was rooted in normcore with Americana heritage notes thrown in,” says Jill Guenza, vice president of Women’s Designs. “This is the next version of that. Everything is dialed up to 11 in terms of attitude, ease, proportion.”

Inspired by our SilverTab™ jeans from the ‘90s, the Baggy Dad is bigger and badder than what you might normally clock as dad jeans. “We gave it more personality, without making it sloppy,” says Tara Mahar, the fits design director, when describing its roomier leg, fuller hips and stacked hem. “It’s still flattering and designed to fit your true waist comfortably, without sliding right off.”

As VP Jill puts it, “With these jeans, less is more: less form-fitting means more mystery, drama–and that makes it more interesting. There are so many different things you can do with styling.” From itty-bitty bodysuits to big-sized button-ups. From chunky sneakers to strappy heels.

As for fabrics, there are two. One TENCEL™ Lyocell, soft fibers sourced from responsibly harvested wood. And then there’s a cotton blend with 5%recycled cotton, which uses a dye process that requires less water. (Yay, sustainability!)


Trucker Jackets that play with proportion. Button-ups that double as stand-alones or layering team players. Cardigans and pullovers that’ll leave you feeling knit. Technical wear that doesn’t compromise fashion for function. This season’s outerwear has something for everyone to get into. We recommend layering up and up and up.


We designed this collection with an overall sense of optimisma feel-good sentiment that nods to the past, celebrates the now and looks to the future. Through fresh colors, prints, proportions and perspectives, we’ve taken timeless style and focused on making it fun. Different. Sometimes silly, even.

“There’s certainly an ironic wink to a lot of it,” says VP Jill. “Coming out of the pandemic, I think people are looking for what feels new and interesting, and are turning to humor and irony and comfort because it brings them joy.”

So here’s your sign to invest in clothes that make you happy. And go get up to new good.

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