Our new styles for men’s and women’s shorts look back while moving forward. Almost as long as there have been jeans, there have been jean shorts. Although their history is murky at best, surely it wasn’t much of a leap to go from one to the other. Picture someone way back when, perhaps feeling sad about a favorite pair of 501® jeans that had seen better days. They happened to glance at a pair of scissors out of the corner of their eye and, boom—started a revolution. These days, cutoffs are just one of many iterations of denim shorts. We should know, considering Levi’s® started the whole jean thing back in the 1800s—and we haven’t stopped. Our new denim shorts continue to expand the legacyof the iconic 501® jeans while also carving out room for a popular newcomer, the High Loose Shorts. Take a look.


In a sense, everything we do at Levi’s® flows from the 501® jeans that started it all. Sometimes the link is more direct than others, like with the two new men’s 501® Shorts. The 501® Hemmed Shorts offer the legendary fit in a classic hemmed denim short: a regular fit through the seat and thigh with a straight leg opening. Classic in another way are 501® ‘90 Shorts, which emulate the looser fits of their namesake year, and rock the frayed hemof the original jean cutoffs.


On the women’s side, we also continue to expand the 501® Short with the 501® Mid Thigh Shorts, 501® Original Shorts and–totally new for this season–501® ‘90s Shorts, which have a slouchier, wider fit than the others. We style them here with a menswear top, a look we also bring to our 501® Original Shorts. “A big trend that’s happening in womenswear right now is these tight crop tops and then something slouchy and big layered over that,” notes Levi’s® stylist Sharon Maloney. Another big “now” item: our High Loose Shorts, a current favorite that we can’t get enough of. “That’s very popular and trending” Sharon says. “It’s worn really high on the waist and has kind of an A-line silhouette. It’s a pretty short inseam, but it’s got this wider thigh to help create that A-line shape. It feels like a very relevant moment, since there’s a lot of focus and emphasis on being outdoors and being active.” Style them with a crewneck sweatshirt and hiking boots, and you’re ready to go.